To establish the very survival of a nation; it is the business & industries developed in that nation, to define its economic existence there. A proper & systematic accounting system adopted for this purpose only can establish this factor undoubtedly. And here comes the role of Professional Accountants as a strong pillar for the existence and advancement of any Business / Industry.

Pillai’s is the ‘one stop spot’ of best education delivering, at any level, assuring personal attention, for those who aim to achieve their sheer higher education needs. Here, excellent tuition is provided for Students after 10th, - say, for Plus One, Plus Two, B.Com, in order to distinguish their identity as the ‘top in the group’, and to acquire targeted professionalism in CA, CMA, CS, ACCA, CIMA,LLB etc., in order to mould them world-wide acceptable, with the support of experienced faculties, in a ‘learning for knowledge’ environment.

Pillai’s support the Business & Industry sector with its established strength of a strong pillar for Accounting & Finance part and guide them to fly high beyond limits of thoughts. With its more than two decades proven track record to its credit, Pillai’s has supported to commence business, its establishment, and its enviable stable growth to be proud of.

The support of Pillai’s to the Business & Industrial segment depend upon the need of such institutions at any of the above stages of commencement, for establishing, for registering a set higher goal and to practically to achieve it. It is for us to provide suitable “advices” by going through “Critical Business Analysis” for any down-trodden Businessmen / Group / Industry; whether it is Low/Medium/Large sized, whenever they are in need of it. It helps them to attain” any set goal from a ‘lost state of affair’ to the “best profit-making centre’. By introducing a total revival of all the existing obsolete system being adopted, a set of identified, advanced system of Accounting, specifically designed for the particular Business / Industry is introduced under the care of efficient, professional Financial & Management Accounting practice, which will in turn tell upon the entire growth of the Industry. Job evaluated work-study, fixation of experienced and dedicated staff-strength to contribute for the overall production & productivity, all form part of this analysis process, to revitalize the entire system.

“On job training” for Managerial Personnel / Staff / Employers, development programmes like Personality skill, Communication skill, Supervisory skill development for the Middle-management group, Departmental Trainings required for various Depart groups, are the part of Trainings we undertake with a view to keep the entire work-force more acceptable and accountable in any business / Industry.

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